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Five Fitness Equipment Pieces You Must Have at Home

home fitness equipment

Working out does not equal costly gym membership and risky outdoor activities. You can get healthy even if you spend most of your time at home! Here, you’ll learn how to achieve that by using these five fitness equipment pieces. 

TRX Strength Band

trx bandUnless you want to bulk up, your own body weight is actually enough to train your muscles. Known as bodyweight exercises, you can expect to have a lean body with a ripped and muscular look if you do this exercise. You will also require minimum equipment. And the essential is the TRX strength band. 

First, find a secure place to anchor the band. Second, you’re good to go! It’s as easy as that. Watch this video to determine your workout sets with the band. 

A Health Watch

The major drawback when you train at home with no one watching you is your tendency to be soft at yourself. But overdoing things can also lead to injuries. You need a device that can monitor your workout and your health stats accurately. And a smartwatch is your perfect tool for that.

A Jump Rope

a jump ropeCardio exercises are often the most cumbersome to do. A treadmill machine can take too much space indoors, and it is also expensive. If you think the same, then a jump rope is your best solution. 

Remember that using a jump rope can be intense. Hence, you need to warm up properly first. Also, you will need a room or outdoor space that is free from any objects that can hinder your movement. The living room or the yard can be perfect for that. 


Even if you don’t want to bulk, weight exercise is still a must because it improves your bone density and your body’s tolerance to injuries. Besides, unlike a barbell, dumbbells are easier to store. Pick a design that allows you to use multiple weight plates on the bar. 

A Yoga Mat

doing a sit-up on a matFirst, you must know that you don’t need to practice yoga to need a yoga mat. Many bodyweight exercises, such as push up, sit up, and plank, require you to lay flat on the floor. And you’re going to need a mat for that, especially if your house floor is made of ceramic. It can be slippery and dangerous for you to perform those moves. 

There are many kinds of yoga mats in the market these days. But buy only the ones that are at least 5mm thick and made of PVC. Other materials may give you a good impression at first, but they don’t last as long as PVC. 

Advantages of Having an Awning


An awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall. It is a canvas that is tightly stretched over a thin piece of aluminum, iron, steel, wood, or something transparent. It’s laminated to make it waterproof. This feature is used to cover solar thermal panels during the summer and let in some light during winter. Awnings can be used in homes and commercial buildings, as well. Many types and brands of awnings are available, including retractable awnings.

Here are some reasons you need to have an awning:

Additional Space

An awning can help you extend your porch. You can attach it aligned with the ceiling of your veranda for additional shade. In the summer, you can shade from the sun, and in spring, you can hide from the rain under your awning. You have your porch space and additional awning space to sit and entertain yourself outside the house. Some retractable awnings can help you control the amount of space added. This is a great advantage for large families that like sitting outside or a group of workmates having a meeting outside the office. This additional space can also be convenient for parties and celebrations.

Additional Beauty

Your home will have a beautiful appearance when you attach an awning to it. With all its many advantages, it also is a piece of art for your home. You can think of it as a painting. This additional beauty will increase the value of your home, and if you are planning to sell your home, you should think of attaching an awning first. The value of your home increases because the feature has numerous uses and importance. It is also customizable to your liking.

Parking Space

An awning can serve well as a parking spot. Its significant advantage is that it can protect your car from the fierce UV rays from the sun. These UV rays might make the paint job of your car fade. Having this home feature is essential, especially if you have an SUV, and you want to keep it looking good. It is also great to have a shelter as parking space because you can leave your house and get into your car without having to get rained on or burnt by the sun.

From the information above, you can tell that an awning is handy, and it is important to have one for your home. …

Seven Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Renovating

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and having your breakfast in your dream kitchen. Most of us imagine what our dream kitchen would be but don’t have enough budget for it. But this does not mean you can’t do anything about it. There are easy ways to upgrade your kitchen without going through the hassle of renovating it. Here’s how:

1. Upgrade Your Appliancescoffee

Yes, of course, you will still spend a chunk of money to be able to upgrade your appliances. But this does feel less heavy than having to renovate your entire kitchen. Assess your kitchen and list down the appliances that need replacement.

2. Paint the Walls

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a room feel and look different significantly. Start by imagining the overall theme of your room. You can search for images on the internet or test the combination of the colors on a palette. Whether you choose a lighter or a darker hue, just make sure it complements well on your cabinets and appliances.

3. Be Smart on Storage

Double your storage space by creating DIY racks, dividers, etc. Assess your storage space by looking at potential storage. Extra space between the refrigerator and countertop? Why not create a DIY shelf in between to store your canned goods or condiments?

4. Add Lighting

To add a little drama in your kitchen, add some lighting to highlight decors or beautiful countertops. You can purchase battery operated lights that can stick anywhere.

5. Open Shelving

In a modern kitchen, upper cabinets are being replaced with open shelves to create the illusion of more space. It can also serve as a place for decors and at the same time,
storage space. They are a great way to show off glassware and cookbooks.


6. Replace Your Curtains

Curtains are a great way to change the look of your kitchen significantly. Choose curtains that match your kitchen’s color combination. It’s also necessary for it to be changed as it absorbs smoke and dirt from your kitchen.

7. Upgrade to a Fancy Kitchen Faucet

Changing your faucet can also be an easy way to upgrade the look of your kitchen. It can also add to the kitchen’s functionality. By increasing the height of your faucet, you can create more space for pots to fit in your sink. There are available faucets that are adjustable. Different varieties are available like spray type for easier rinsing.…