Tips for Choosing a Stud Finder


Are you redecorating your home? Maybe you want to hang some paintings or pictures frames on the wall. Or perhaps you want to mount your newly-bought television. Whatever DIY home improvement project you are working on, if it involves screwing something on the walls, you have to be extra cautious, especially if they are made up of plaster boards, which are not very strong.

The best thing that you can do is to look for the beam that runs from the top to bottom. But this is quite challenging, though, because once your wall is painted, it would be difficult to detect where the stud is. To make this task a lot easier to accomplish, you need to use a special device – a stud finder.

If this is your first time hearing about it, you might be asking, what is a stud finder? As the name suggests, it is a tool that was specifically designed to detect where the hard part of your wall is.

Here are things that you need to consider when investing in one:

Choose the Type

First of all, you need to determine the best type that suits your needs. There are two main categories that you can choose from: magnetic or electric.

Magnetic stud finders also come in various kinds. If you are trying to look for the stud on a drywall, then the stationary magnets would be your best option. But if you are dealing with plaster walls, you need to stay away from this type. You have to go for the that has moving magnets instead.

On the other hand, electric stud finders work in a different way. They detect the changes in the composition of the walls. You can choose from the edge, center, or instant stud finders. The last one is highly recommended as they are the most accurate. They can also detect multiple studs.

Pick the Best Brand

Stud finders come in different brands too. Choosing one could get overwhelming because there are plenty of options. But to help you weed out those that are not efficient, it is advisable that you read the reviews on each one of them.

Ask the Price

These special devices vary in prices too. Some are quite expensive, while others are cheap. As a reminder, though, do not grab the cheapest that you will find because it might not be the best when talking about the quality. Again, this is when the reviews can help you out. Go through them and pick one that fits your budget.…